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Olson & Cepuritis, Ltd. represents clients throughout the United States and the world, and specializes in intellectual property matters including patents, trademarks, unfair competition, copyrights, and trade secrets. The firm offers a wide range of IP services from the drafting and prosecution of patent and trademark applications to the litigation of intellectual property matters as well as patent interferences and appeals. This includes licensing, opinions on patent infringement and validity, counseling clients on infringement avoidance, and representing clients in patent, trademark, copyright, unfair competition, advertising, and trade secret litigation. The firm also assists clients in navigating the complexities of FDA regulatory practice.

The firm's technical breadth, background and experience extend across all technical disciplines. The members of our firm have technical and legal training and experience in the applied sciences ranging from physics, computer hardware and software, communications and other emerging electronic and mechanical technologies through chemical processes and products, including pharmaceuticals, inorganics, petrochemicals, polymer science, coatings and paints, lithium battery technology, integrated circuit processing chemicals, ceramics, water treatment, waste treatment, consumer health and beauty aids, household and institutional chemical specialty products, plastics, catalysts, and environmental and agricultural chemistry. Experience in biotechnology includes gene therapy, tissue engineering, combinatorial libraries, xeno transplantation, new treatment technologies, immunology, genetic engineering, recombinant DNA techniques, biofuel technology, and diagnostic assays. Experience in the applied and mechanical arts includes paper products, films and film processing, packaging, machine tools, robotics, conveyors, valves, automatic processing machines, furniture, aerospace and aeronautic components, hydraulic and pneumatic components, automotive equipment, power tools, marine equipment, sporting goods, toys, retail anti-theft and display systems, and the like. Experience in the medical arts includes optical and laser systems, medical care devices and various medication delivery systems.

The firm has considerable experience, and a substantial practice, in patent, trademark, unfair competition, copyright, and trade secret matters, and has achieved consistent success in various litigation matters in these fields.

Members of the firm come from several larger firms and corporations in Chicago, giving them large firm experience with the ability to provide the personal attention of a smaller firm to client problems and budgets. Members of the firm take a general problem solving attitude to help clients. Instead of trying to tell why something cannot be done, the firm works to find ways to get it done. Highest quality professional work product and services are provided.

The firm is equipped with an extensive legal as well as technical library and computer network that accesses various databases for legal and technological research purposes. Experienced paralegals are utilized as well to contain costs.

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